Smart City Merger with DHA: Is this true?

Rumors have evolved about the upcoming partnership of Capital Smart City Islamabad with DHA (Defence Housing Authority). If this is true, there is going to be a huge increase in buying/selling once the official announcement is made.

According to sources, DHA bought 35% of land from the developers of Smart City. This land will be allotted to defense personnel as per their own policies. Its also being reported that the name of society will be changed after the official announcement is made. The new expected name is DHA Smart City.

For Bookings and Inquiries

The back story of this partnership starts when a few competitors started a malign campaign to defame smart city and discourage investors to invest in smart city. The management of smart city made a smart move and partnered with DHA to secure themselves in the long run. It will not only strengthen the housing society but also gives a sense of security to people who are looking to invest into this project.

The management has paused all bookings until further notice. Most probably, prices will be revised with the official announcement and they should be. Having DHA on-board is itself a price driving factor and you’ll be seeing a serious increase of economic activity in Smart City Islamabad after the official announcement of this partnership.

DHA is a well-established name and has a lot of successful projects across Pakistan. With DHA as a partner, Smart City is sure to reach soaring heights of success.

The progress of development in Smart City has already been tremendous. They recently partnered with Harradine golf to build an international standard golf course in the housing society.

From here, it’s only going to get better.


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